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Demographic Maps of the City of Albuquerque

These maps of the City of Albuquerque visualize information about Central Avenue corridor communities and their demographics. The Central Ave. corridor serves as a backbone to the City and is a vital component of revitalization, sustainability, and growth. For this reason, these maps were created to highlight important components of the corridor, and provide reference for discussion about revitalization strategies, city growth, and community health. Please click map for greater detail.

Albuquerque Statistics:
Current Population: 556, 495
2035 population:  1,300,000
Current river crossings/day: 500,000
2035 river crossing/day: 1,000,000 
West Side Population: 44% of total pop. 
2035 West Side Population: 58% of total pop.
Percent Population over 65: 12.1%
Ave. Travel Time to Work: 21 min.
Homeownership Rate: 60%
Median Household Income: $47,399

Key Facts:

Adding capacity alone will not be enough as growth will continually outpace the amount of roadway expansion that can be funded and built. Thus, there is no practical way the region can build its way out of congestion.

The Center for Neighborhood Technology has shown what many have ignored for decades: that "cheaper" housing found on the fringes is actually less affordable when associated transportation costs are factored in because of longer travel distances to jobs and services and less available public transportation. This brings to light the importance of developing neighborhoods that are location efficient, meaning that people can efficiently get to the places they need because of good proximity to services and access to transit.

Central Corridor Major Nodes

Central Corridor Underutilized Land

Central Corridor Neighborhood Map

Central Corridor Renter-Occupied Housing

Central Corridor Poverty Level by Census Tract

Central Corridor Median Age by Census Tract

Central Corridor Educational Attainment:

High School Diploma or Higher

Central Corridor Median Household Income

Central Corridor Educational Attainment: Bachelor's Degree or higher