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How will you build a better Albuquerque?

At GAHP, we believe that building a better Albuquerque means ensuring everyone can afford a place to live, that every family has a place to call home. We do this by creating exceptional housing communities and providing enrichment services that promote housing stability, healthy, families, and safer neighborhoods. Stable housing means everyone has the opportunity to succeed. You can help by learning more and becoming an advocate for housing in our community. This page provides resources for learning and advocacy that you can utilize on your journey to building a better Albuquerque. We'll add resources periodically so check back often!


The first step to building up our community is learning. What makes housing affordable? Do affordable housing developments lower property values? What does Fair Housing mean? What is the economic impact of affordable housing development on the neighborhood or city? Who are the individuals and families who will be impacted? How does housing change lives? The articles and stories below will help!  

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Aerial View of Plaza Ciudana

Aerial view of Plaza Ciudana Apartments in Albuquerque

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Here are some resources for those of you who love data. Download and share these resources as needed. 

No state has an adequate supply of affordable rental housing for the lowest income renters. Click the photo to learn more from our friends at the National Low Income Housing Coalition.

Affordable Homes in US chart
Data and Reports


Advocacy takes many forms. It could be contacting legislators, speaking up at city council or neighborhood meetings, writing an op-ed, serving on a board, or simply staring your story and beliefs with friends and neighbors. However you choose to advocate, we appreciate your efforts! Check here for upcoming opportunities.

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Building a Better Albuquerque

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