Greater Albuquerque Housing Partnership

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Who We Are:

Our Mission

The Greater Albuquerque Housing Partnership is dedicated to the revitalization of Albuquerque's urban neighborhoods by developing quality affordable and market rate housing opportunities.   We provide a full range of programs and services that encourage, create, and support individuals and families. 

Since 1993, the Greater Albuquerque Housing Partnership has been highly successful in bringing the benefits of quality affordable and market rate housing to more Albuquerque families. Working primarily in Albuquerque's older neighborhoods, we oversee the design and construction of new, affordable homes and developments. We also assist first time home buyers qualify and achieve the American dream of homeownership.


Long before the blueprints are drawn, we work with local neighborhood associations and residents to "co-create" our intentions, ideas, and goals.  Listening to their input, acknowledging their needs, and actively engaging the real users, we are able to create housing developments that truly reflect the needs and desires of the community.  As a result, our new homes are well received and greeted as positive developments, adding to the community's stability, value, and pride.

We do more than just build new houising,  we help families who otherwise might not be able to find quality affordable housing or achieve their dream of home ownership by providing counseling and financial assistance to qualified, first time buyers.  With the help of our counseling staff, families know they are more likely to qualify for a home mortgage.  By increasing the ranks of homeownership in Albuquerque's older neighborhoods is good for all Albuquerque residents and the GAHP is very proud of the work we do in helping families meet their goals.