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 Broadway Blvd. + Indian School  

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Plaza Ciudana: Certified Platinum Living 

Plaza Ciudana is a 68 unit, multi-family, rental apartment complex at Broadway Blvd. and Indian School Rd. This development is committed to providing affordable housing and stabilization services for individuals and families, including those with special needs.  Twenty five percent (25%) of all units are reserved for families with children, and five percent (5%) are reserved for special needs households.

For leasing information, please call 505-219-2163, or visit the Plaza Ciudana Website.

The 3 BR 2B units are designed as townhouse units with front porches and small backyards.  All of the units are equipped with washers and dryers, and an exterior open space-- either a balcony or front porch.  The project is certified LEED for Homes Platinum.  Its design is guided by principles of New Urbanism and traditional neighborhood design with all of the units facing the street, and all on-site parking for the development located in the rear of the buildings.  In addition to a leasing office for the property manager,  the complex offers a community building with an office for a part-time on-site service coordinator, a community meeting room/conference room (where most of the service enrichment activities will take place), and a computer lab.

LEED for Homes Platinum Design

We pride ourselves on developing quality homes and are pleased to have attained a LEED for Homes Platinum rating on the Plaza Ciudana development.

Amenities/Special Features: 

Attractive, multi-use interior space for resident services and activities; on-site management; on-site social services coordinated through First Nations Community Healthsource and outside providers; outdoor park and play area.

Social Service:  

GAHP and First Nations provide a comprehensive array of services to the residents of Plaza Ciudana.  Resident financial literacy training is offered to all residents, as well as access to outside homebuyer counseling agencies also serving the area.

Financial Commitment:  

The City of Albuquerque contributed at least ten percent (10%) of the Total Development Cost permanently to the project.

Metropolitan Redevelopment Area: 

The property is located in the Santa Barbara/Martineztown Neighborhood, an Albuquerque City Council designated Metropolitan Redevelopment Area.


The property is located in a QCT (qualified census tract) and the construction included the demolition of blighted buildings that were on site.